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An American R&D Company Visited Whole Win to Cooperate
2017-09-05 17:36:00

On Sep.4th, 2017, an American R&D company visited our factory. Mr. Bamdad, the Boss, came to visit us with the aim to discuss Agency of our hydrogen products in American market. Mr. Peilong Zhang, as Whole Win’s general manager, gave a high degree of attention to this visit and attended the reception.


During the meeting, the general manager Mr. Zhang introduced to Mr. Bamdad Whole Win’s production and R&D situation. Mr. Bamdad had a deep interest in our core products-metal hydride hydrogen storage tank and hydrogen storage alloy. He mentioned that he had some project cooperation with American government and invited our company to be a part of these projects. Besides, Mr. Bamdad said they also had some cooperation with Haier Group on the air conditioners’ heat exchanger and expected we could assist in the technical aspects. Afterwards, Mr. Sergey visited our showroom.


Through mutual talks, Mr. Bamdad thought Whole Win’s products have the great potentiality in the market and showed his interest to be an agent in the full aspects. He will draw out cooperation agreement and hope two sides could work together to get win-win. Meanwhile, our company will seize the opportunity to further enhance the product quality to meet the diverse needs of customers, and finally gain an important position in the world market.


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