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Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Generator

Product introduction
This generator adopts water-electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen. The hydrogen purity could reach 99.9999% due to the global initiative metal hydride purify technology. It greatly lowers the operation cost compared with palladium tube purify technology. This generator has PLC controlling system and solenoid valve, which realizes the full-automatic constant hydrogen production, purification and supply steadily. Controlled by the human-computer interface, it is safe and convenient.

Technical data

Item no.




Flow rate


Output pressure


Supply voltage

220V±10%   50HZ

Power consumption






Net weight


Remark:The flow rate and pressure could be designed by customers’ request
Product advantage
1、It is full-automatically controlled, easy for operation.
2、It could produce ultra high purity hydrogen above 99.9999%.
3、It adopts global initiative metal hydride purify technology.
4、It only needs distilled water for daily constant use.
5、It could also sustain some time during power off.
6、It has fluid-flow stopping system, which could stop the flow-out of the fluid.
Product application
The generator could produce 99.9999% above purity hydrogen, suitable for the use of all kinds of gas chromatography, chemical and pharmaceutical hydrogenation technique, reducing gas protection in electronic industry, purification in the semiconductor material, metal welding, heavy metal smelting and purification, metal surface protection, water decomposition and synthesis for the aerospace craft and submarine, hydrogen concentration in the atomic energy industry, etc.

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