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  • Three leaves upward stretching composes "w“ graphic, implying the win - win cooperation.
  • The shape of leaves upward stretching symbolizes that our company is positive, have the courage to go beyond and flourish.
  • The color blue represents the ocean and the sky, a symbol of wisdom, science and technology, the eternal, development and hope.
  • The color green represents  life and vitality, the symbol of positive and environmental protection.

Service Concept:

Integrating Production, Research, conceiving. Long-term development is more important than profit of short-range. We sell not only products but also credit standing.To make the customers satisfied is our aim forever.

Enterprise Vision:

Become the first-class supplier of energy storage material (solid hydrogen storage, etc) and  energy solution home and abroad.

Promote the large scale application of hydrogen energy and other renewable energy, improve the energy application frame, solve the energy needs and environment problems to achieve the constant development of human and environment.

About Us
About Us
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Company Product
Hydrogen Storage Alloys Used for NI-MH battery
Hydrogen Storage Alloys Used for Hydrogen Storage Device
Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Device
Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage and Purification Devices
Metal Hydride Hydrogen Compressor
Hydrogen Generator
Ultra-High Purity Hydrogen Generator
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Contact Us

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