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A Russia Research Center Visited Whole Win and Exchanged on Ni-MH Battery Material
2017-04-27 17:35:00

On April 26th, 2017, a Russia Research center, specializing in the study of Ni-MH battery, visited our factory. Mr. Sergey as the CEO with his partner, Mr. Dmity came to visit us with the aim to discuss the cooperation on the Ni-MH battery material. Mr. Peilong Zhang, as Whole Win’s general manager, gave a high degree of attention to this visit and attended the reception.


During the meeting, the general manager Mr. Zhang not only introduced to Sergey and Mr. Dmitry the development and status of China Ni-MH battery industry, but also introduced Whole Win produced materials hydrogen storage alloy used in Ni-MH battery, from the alloy’s performance, technical level to its research and development. Mr. Sergey communicated with Mr. Zhang in deep on the problems which appeared in his study process of Ni-MH battery, such as the performance of hydrogen storage alloy on the impact of the battery capacity. Our general manager Mr. Zhang gave some suggestions and stated Whole Win’s hydrogen storage alloy powder could be customized according to customers’ technical requirements. Afterwards, Mr. Sergey visited our showroom.


Through mutual talks, Mr. Sergey thought that our company Whole Win has rich experience and mature technology in the Ni-MH battery materials study. Then both sides reached agreement to cooperate in future. At present, with its high safety and comprehensive performance, Ni-MH battery gets more and more favor in the market. Along with its further development, the relevant Ni-MH battery material, especially the application of hydrogen storage alloy will be widely used. Meanwhile, our company will seize the opportunity to further enhance the product quality to meet the diverse needs of customers, and finally gain an important position in the world market.


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