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Our Company Attended “BATTERY JAPAN 2014 – the 5th Int'l Rechargeable Battery Expo”
2014-03-03 20:53:00

February 26th 2014, Battery Japan 2014 Expo was held in Tokyo Big Sight Japan, and it included PV Expo, Fuel Cell Expo and Rechargeable Battery Expo. As the world’s largest commercial platform focusing on battery manufacture and R&D, many suppliers and R&D institutions related with battery in the field of materials, parts, equipments, manufacture technologies and test or analysis instruments from all over the world had gathered here to witness this great event.
In order to further strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with international battery industry, our company attended this Japan Battery Expo, displaying our main products - metal hydride hydrogen storage device and high pressure gas tank. During the Expo, we had a deep communication with the internationally known manufacturers, associations and R&D institutions of hydrogen storage and fuel cells. Many foreign customers had commented favorably on the achievements we had made in the hydrogen energy and application of fuel cell, and had expressed their willingness to cooperate.
Through this Japan battery Expo, our main products and corporate image have a further propagation in the world market. On the fair, we exchanged with well-known enterprises and research institutions, our confidence was strongly enhanced. At the same time, we also realized our shortages and further confirmed our development directions in the future. We will attend more related international exhibitions or symposium to strengthen the exchanges, and contribute our shares to the application and development of international hydrogen energy and fuel cell.

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