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We got the second prize of Scientific and Technical Progress in Chinese Materials Research Society, 2013
2014-01-17 20:51:00

On January 16th 2014, the awarding ceremony of Chinese Materials Research Society in the forth session of the 6th standing council was held at half past four. With the program of “the development of high properties hydrogen storage alloys used in Ni/MH power battery”, we got the second prize of technological progress. The academician of China Engineering Academy Huang Boyun awarded the certificate and cash prize to the general manager and the project leader Zhang Peilong.
The scientific and technological progress award of Chinese Materials Research Society was set for awarding the innovative achievements of the great breakthrough on material technology and the admitted great discoveries which has a far-reaching effect on the frontier research in materials science, the fabrication techniques of key advanced materials which has huge drive effects on developing high-tech;  and engineering development achievement which has great effect and economic benefits on enhancing the quality of traditional materials and promoting the technology advancement in industry. The scientific and technological progress award of Chinese materials Research Society was reviewed by experts nationally every year, including one first prize and five second prize.
The award fully showed the influence of our company on new material field in the continuous growing and on the technology innovation in continuous improving. Our ten years of hard work on product development and technology innovation are well recognized. The award has great encouraging effect, and we all agreed that we will further increase our effort on research and development, realistically or innovatively, making a great contribution on new material field and stored energy industry.

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