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Nitrogen Generator

1.Main Technical Parameter


Purity of Gas

Output Flow

Output Pressure

Input Pressure

Input Outflow

Power Required

The biggest power consumed
















regular alternating current





100 16



The electrolysis separation pool is made of stainless steel,in which the liquid storage, nitrogen generated and deoxygenating can be proceeded at the same time, and the electrolyte is circulated unblocked.


Because of the big electrolysis area and the low temperature of the electrolysis pool, the output nitrogen is of big amount and high purity.


Equipped with the device that prevent the returning of the liquid, the instrument is guaranteed no liquid returning phenomenon during operation.


Equipped with over-voltage proof and over-current proof device, the instrument is safe and reliable.


The instrument can be used continuously or disconnectedly with long service life, stable performance such as flow and purity.


The flow is visualized and convenient for user to check because it is tracked automatically and displayed in digital.


The experiment work becomes more convenient because of the small volume, light weight, reasonable structure and easy operation of the instruments.

3.Operating Method and On-line


First, please check whether there is unusual phenomenon such as the serious damage on the surface or inside of the instruments caused from transportation. And then check whether the fittings are complete according to the manual.


Compounding the electrolyte: Dilute 130g KOH with distilled water of 450ml. After cooling, fill the solution into the liquid container of 2 liters in the upper of the instrument. Then fill distilled water into the container until the liquid surface reaches to the level of 1.8 L.


Screw the sealing cap off on the output exit on the back board of the instrument, then connect the pipeline of the external diameter of 3mm with the air origin (the pressure of air origin must be ≥0.4MPa) and assure it sealed.


Tighten the sealed cap to make it not leak, then turn on the instrument. If the display of pressure is 0. 5MPa, and the digital LED display of flow is “000” or close to “000” after started the machine for a few minutes, it shows the instrument is normal; Otherwise it shows the instrument leaks. In the case of leakage, check the instrument with suds and exclude from leaking trouble.


If the instrument is normal, turn off the power, and take down the sealed cap of output exit. Connect the pipeline of the external diameter of 3mm with the instrument, and assure there isn’t any leakage, then hydrogen can be supplied normally.


After operating, you need to switch off the power in time. While using it again, you just need to switch it on.



Observe the discolor silica gel from the side, and replace the old gel if needed. While replacing, switch off the power first. After the display of pressure has been zero, screw off the desiccator clockwise, take it out and made it upside down, then screw off the upper cover counterclockwise and replace the discolor silica gel. Finally, install them in negative direction and assure it sealed.


The automation of control system of the instrument is in high level. The nitrogen will blow to clean the decontamination chamber and pipeline system. With automatically emptying function, it can discharge air before generating nitrogen. The process generally lasts for 10 minutes. So the instrument will generate high purity nitrogen in 10 minutes after working.


The LED display value is only for reference because it is converted from the electrolytic electric current. Because the hydrogen flows out after the buffering of the purifying tube, the output flow is relatively steady. So it’s normal if the flow display has a extension of ±10 in tens digit.


It is distilled water but not KOH that is consumed while the operating of the instrument. So only distilled water should be supplemented if needed to assure the electrolyte location is between the upper and lower line. It is proposed that the electrolyte should be replaced every 6 or 7 months.


When it’s found that the pressure is relatively lower or the display value is relatively higher, it usually arises from leaking. It should be checked by soap solution. Especially while replacing the discolor silica gel, great attention should be paid to the sealed place of hothouse and the instrument should be prevented from leaking.

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