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Air Generator

1.Technique target

type purity of gas Output the flow Output the pressure Noise power required High-power the most External dimension Weight
L/min MPa Decibel V/Hz w mm(L×W×H) kg
HYA-2L no tertiary purification of oil 0-2 0-0.4 ≤42 220/50
regular alternating current
150 435×235×350 16
HYA-5L 0-5 200
HYA-10L 0-10 330 550×250×400
HYA-20L 0-20 560
Note: The parameter is valid in the case that the generators work in the atmosphere of no mass dust and corrosive gas, the temperature should be 10-40℃ and relative humidity≤70%.

2.Characteristic of the instrument
(1) Adopt the gas tank of stainless steel,can prevent the gas tank from getting rusty effectively .
(2) The cleaning system is perfect, Make up from the device are active charcoal room ,the filter and the leave device of angry moisture. that improves pureness degree of the air.
(3) Adopt second steady voltage device, Have improved the stability of the gas pressure.
(4) Have adopted protectors of pressing And drain off water and turn on or off, The ones that have guaranteed the instrument uses are safe and reliable.

3.Operation method and on-line
(1) Take out the instrument from the packing box, check the appearance and inside and transport such unusual phenomena as the serious damage caused ,etc. first , and then check whether the cable , fittings are complete.
(2) Change down rear board sealed nut that " the air inputs the mouth " with " filter " of fittings.
(3) Put through the power, open the switch ,the indicator lamp of the job is green at this moment The indicator of the manometer rises to 0 gradually. 4MPa. About several minutes later, the compressor stop work. The job indicator lamp turns the red.. Sealed nut on " air output A " fasten loose rear board, make it have displacement. In a moment, The compressor is started automatically. the compressor is started - stops - starts when circulates repeatedly , The pressure indicator keeps in 0. 4 MPa.
(4) After the trying machine is normal, " the air exports A " to connect the pipeline of external diameter Φ 3 to in the end, another end connects the chromatograph and guarantee that does not leak gas. While working again , only need to open the switch . If " air output B " end does not need , seal with the blind hole nut ".

4.Attention Items
(1) If the indicator lamp turns into the red in the working course,and the pressure can not promote the establishing value, generally because the compressor is not started , The hot protection relay is started. This proves temperature of the compressor is too high, can return to normal after cooling,
(2) There is too much memory water for the preventing from machine, influence the purity of air, Before each shut-down drain off water switch press to need several seconds such. The memory water of the making machine is discharged.
(3) Observe the turning from the side into the Change color condition of discolor silica gel, can change the silica gel according to the need . Close the power first while changing; after the pressure is pointed out as zero, it is in charge of fastening clockwise that it will be dry, After take out inverting in the instrument, And then fasten the top cover in counterclockwise direction, Change.Later screwed on according to the reverse direction. Guarantee not to leak gas .
(4) In order to guarantee the purity of gas, the instrument works for 1000 hours to need to change active charcoal. (Active charcoal is 20-40 eye lead types). While changing, close the switch first. When the pressure is pointed out open the instrument right side board for zero, then equip with to take off oil purifying device is it down to fasten in counterclockwise direction active charcoal and then fasten the underpart to cover in counterclockwise direction. Pour the active charcoal to change, later screwed on according to the reverse direction again, Guarantee to leak gas,pay special attention to the sealed place of whorl .

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