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Our Company “Cobalt Free AB3.5 Type Hydrogen Storage Alloy Used in Nickel-Hydrogen Battery as Anode Materials” Awarded the Patent of Invention
2014-04-22 20:55:00

A patent of our company named “cobalt free AB3.5 type hydrogen storage alloy used in nickel-hydrogen battery as anode materials” had been authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office On March 26, 2014. The patent No is ZL 2013 2 0009436.8.
The patent provided a kind of cobalt free AB3.5 type hydrogen storage alloy used in nickel-hydrogen battery as anode materials. In the patent, we enhanced the cycling stability of the hydrogen storage alloy by multi-alloying, and we ensured the process and product stability by optimizing the process conditions to control the volatilization of Mg. Finally, the problems of poor cycling properties and easy eroded in lye were solved successfully. The alloy, with high hydrogen storage capacity, excellent electrochemical character and low cost, further increased the energy density of nickel- hydrogen battery and satisfied the development needs of nickel-hydrogen battery and related industry, instead of traditional AB5 type hydrogen storage alloy.
The anode material is the decisive factor for nickel-hydrogen battery properties.Improving the properties of hydrogen storage alloy is the key technology for promoting the sustainable development of nickel-hydrogen battery and the related industries. The nickel-hydrogen battery fabricated with patented product has high capacity and low self-discharge advantages, and it will have prosperous application prospects in electronics, backup power source, miner's lamp and energy storage areas. The patented product can replace traditional hydrogen storage alloy partly, then it is unnecessary for the importation. As a result, the market share will be increased year by year. At the same time, the authorization of the patent plays an active role in perfecting the patent technique structure, enhancing enterprise core competence and expanding the market of our hydrogen storage alloy!

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