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1、 Our company attended International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition 2007.

2、Our company attended U.S.-China Business Matchmaking Conference (Beijing).

3、Our company attended the 9th Study-abroad People Science Exchange Conference (Guangzhou).

4、We visited our old customers.
5、Our lead visited our customer's company.

6、We negotiated with our customers.
We negotiated about cooperation with our customers from New Zealand. We signed cooperative agreement with one Korean company.
We negotiated about project cooperation.  
7、Our company attended 5th China International Scientific Instrument& Laboratory Equipment Exhibition.
Our company attended 5th China International Scientific Instrument& Laboratory Equipment Exhibition.
8、In the developing process of the industrialization of Nickel-Metal hydride batteries, we have done a large amount of research and development work, and energetically participated in the academic exchange activities.
Participation in the National Conference of the Industrialization of Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries in 1996 Participation in the International Symposium on Metal-Hydrogen System in 1998
Participation in the working conference of the Committee of Solid State Physics and Advanced Materials as a member of Chinese Rare-Earth Society

9、We actively promote the exchange of the products and technology .
Participation in the 4th China International Battery Fair in 1999 (CIBF’99) Participation in the 6th China International Battery Fair in 2004 (CIBF’2004)
Participation in the Exhibition of Science and Technology Achievement in Advanced Materials in West China in 2002
We actively promote the technological exchange with the famous scholars,specialists and entrepreneurs in the area.

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