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Pure Hydrogen Carbon-Removal Machine

Product introduction
Based on the concept "pure and clean hydrogen energy, safe, saving energy and protecting the environment", using technical advantage of fifteen years’ study on hydrogen energy, our company has developed a new kind of pure hydrogen carbon-removal machine focus on " energy saving, environmental protection, safety, high efficiency". Taking advantage of advanced hydrogen producing and storing technology, controlled by microcomputer, this product could be easily operated, no need to disassemble the engine, safe and reliable, which could avoid the Brown gas explosion hazard; it could also achieve carbon removal in every angle, having obvious effect on energy saving and emission reduction, which is a best choice for the carbon-removal of the car.
"Use Whole Win’s machine, open up a new world for the car!"

Product principle
Pure hydrogen carbon-removal machine could generate high purity hydrogen. Through the vacuum manifold, the hydrogen could enter into the engine and react with the carbon deposit to convey the carbon dioxide and water. After the carbon dioxide and water are exhausted out, the carbon deposit could be cleared away. Chemical reactions are as follows:
C + H2 → CH
CH + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O
For this machine, you do not need to dismantle the engine. In particular, it could remove the carbon deposits all round for the places where the chemical reagent is hard to remove, like air valve, valve, spark plug, piston, etc.
Pure hydrogen carbon removal, avoid the Brown gas explosion hazard;
The amount of hydrogen using is far low than the scope of explosion limitation.
2、Obvious effect, energy saving and emission reduction
It could save 5% to 25% oil. The testing result shows that the amount of CH and CO in the waste gas is obviously reduced after removal, which indicates the gas is fully burnt. In this case, it could save the oil and reduce the poisonous gas exhaust out.
3、3、 Easy to operate
Microcomputer control, no one in place, reliable, stable and safe.
Without adding electrolytes, only pure water could make it start work.
During carbon remove, you do not need to dismantle the engine, just connect into the vacuum manifold of the engine.
4、Environmental protection
The resultant of reaction is water and carbon dioxide, without any pollution
Use pure water to electrolyze, without any chemical corrosion and wastes’ pollution.
Technical parameters



External dimension


Input voltage


Working power


The pressure of Hydrogen output

0-0.4 MPa

The volume of Hydrogen output


Max. water consumption


Operation temperature




Continuous operation time


Comparison among foam and chemical reagent

Pure hydrogen

Foam and chemical reagent

Removal result

Automatically operated,  remove the carbon deposits all round with obvious effect

Hand operated, could not remove the carbon deposits in every place

Operation convenience

Automatically operated, no  need of special action, just someone watch over

Need one or two person to operate at all times, occupy certain labor and time

Effect on the engine


Have some corrosion effect on oil seal of the engine and the rubber parts

Effect on the environment


Have some effect on operator’s health, pollute the environment

Comparison with hydrogen oxygen carbon removal

Pure hydrogen

Hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal

Removal result

Hydrogen reacts with the carbon deposits, the result is obvious.

There results the Brown gas in the engine, hydrogen burns mainly with the oxygen, in some degree, affect the removal result.


Pure hydrogen removal, very safe.

The Brown gas is easy to explode; the combined gas has water inside, which is easy to flow backwards to make the engine extinct.

Effect on the engine


The temperature rises during hydrogen combustion which has bad effect on the engine.

The foam and chemical reagent carbon removal could cause secondary pollution and corrode the engine parts; besides, the hydrogen and oxygen carbon removal has potential safety hazard. Based on these, we could estimate that the pure hydrogen carbon removal machine could obtain great attention due to its own advantages!

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